Sunday Stills

Can you believe another week has gone by already??? Ugh!!!

Today's challenge was to do a self-portrait. Here is mine:

So here's my dilemma.... I took a picture of myself so how did my Mother's face get there? Hmmm....when did I become my mother????

Off to Sunday Stills to see who else played today.

3 Responses to "Sunday Stills"

Ed (visit their site)

I think the same way when I see me and my mom together, genetics I guess..:-)

Linda (visit their site)

LOL I look at myself in the mirror sometimes and see my brother...I guess it could be worse;)

Sandy (visit their site)

Ha, ha. I ask the same question quite often. Except sometimes it's "hey when did I start looking like my sister!" Nice to see your face (or your mom's hee, hee.)