Sunday Stills: Hi Tech/Low Tech

This week Sunday Stills called for some Hi Tech/Low Tech. I did think about this all week and came up with a number of different options but forgot to take pictures :) Then this morning, I was using my phone and thought of all the things I do with it. I use it to play music, watch movies, get directions/phone numbers, and that's just a couple of things I do. So here is my contribution to the event:

That's my phone in pink along side a phone book, a VCR tape and a cassette tape - seriously, do you remember these???

Anyway, I'm off to Sunday Stills to see what everyone else came up with.

4 Responses to "Sunday Stills: Hi Tech/Low Tech"

Shirley (visit their site)

All that's missing is an 8 track! (Can you just hear a teenager say "Huh?")

Anonymous (visit their site)

I remember eight tracks!! YIKES! Great shot, and all in one. :)

Brenda (visit their site)

yes, I have lots of tapes! I just found some cassette tapes that my boys made, 10 years ago! lol

Far Side of Fifty (visit their site)

Yes 8 tracks were high tech a long time ago..I could never afford one. Your photo is great! :)