Return from the abyss

I am back. It has been over a year. For over a year I have not taken out my camera. I have not lost myself in the world of photography. Well, that has ended. I love photography. I love looking at things in a different way. I love seeing if I can make what I see transfer to film (so to speak). But the other day a Groupon came through for an online photography class. I signed up for it and have been watching it. It has really sparked my interest in photography again. So much so that I went on eBay and bought 2 new lenses. I got one already. It's a fish eye with a macro, and have taken some cool pictures:
I'm learning to use the fish eye and the macro is really macro. It's awesome. I also have a serious zoom coming. I think part of the reason I lost interest was the limitations by the lens that comes with the camera. These new lenses are providing me endless opportunities to play in a new way. I love it. So I'm back and starting on January 1, I will be doing a photo a day. I'm looking forward to it and can't wait to see what turns up.

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