Recent pictures

I've been incredibly busy but I find that taking the time to notice things around me and take pictures really helps keep me balanced. So here are some from my recent adventures.

This was a mural on a mall across from where I had to serve jury duty a couple of weeks ago. At first glance it looks like a fairly ordinary water mural:

But wait, what's that in the center?

It's a cow!! Ummm.....okay.....Then I started looking at the mural more closely.
There were fishes selling kisses:

Swordfish kabobs:

Dolphin wearing lei:

And little merpigs:

I have no idea what the point of this mural is and it's located in the center of a fairly upscale eating mall, it's right around the corner from Ruth's Chris. I really like it though and thought it was a great additional to the place.

2 Responses to "Recent pictures"

Ed (visit their site)

Very cool! The point of a mural is to make folks stop an look colsely, this one sure fits the bill...:-)))

Sherri (visit their site)

I love it! What a great mural!