And some flowers

The school I work at has a rock wall along the driveway that is covered in cactus plants. I thought they were just ordinary cactus plants until I came to work one morning and found this:

What first caught my attention was the incredibly sweet smell in the air. That was not a normal smell. But it caused me to look around and that's when I spotted the flower. I went over and took some pictures.

Those green things above the flower are the flower buds for more flowers.

This is the dragon plant, or the dragon fruit plant. It blooms only once a year at midnight. The flower I caught was the first bloom, the next morning the whole wall was covered in flowers but I had left my camera at home - figures!!! Anyway, it's a gorgeous sight, one I've heard about but never been able to catch. I'm glad I caught it this year and hopefully I'll catch it again.

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Isis (visit their site)

There are so many kinds of cactus plants and surprisingly, the flowers that bllom from their thorny stems are all very pretty and pretty complex! :D

Thanks for approving my ad. i really appreciate it. :D

Sherri (visit their site)

Cacti grow wild here in Florida as well. And the blooms are stunning. Your macro of the flower is gorgeous.

WillOaksStudio (visit their site)

Those are beautiful! I have what are called "Christmas" and "Easter" cacti that have very similar leaves/stems but bloom much longer and in pinks and crimsom. No scent...I want to grow YOUR variety!

Anonymous (visit their site)

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Anonymous (visit their site)
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