Sunday Stills: The color purple

Well I've been away quite awhile.  Between teaching and going to school and working on a thesis and taking care of the animals I have not had a minute to myself.  Over the last couple of weeks though things have settled down and I find myself with some actual time on my hands.  WooHoo!!!  I've decided that it's time to get back into the camera.  So, for my first return to the world of the living I submit the following for Sunday Stills this week:

The first entry is one of my favorites to photograph, the plumeria.  This is from a new tree and it just bloomed about a week ago.  I love this flower with the yellow middle and the purple edges.  I actually think they are supposed to be pink but on these flowers it's very dark and looks purple.

Here are flowers waiting to bloom.  These appear much more purple then the flower itself. 

Finally, this is a plant that grows in our garden.  I'm not sure it's name but the veins down the leaf are definitely purple. 

I'm posting this today so I don't miss out and I'll go and visit everyone's later or in the morning. 

18 Responses to "Sunday Stills: The color purple"

colleen (visit their site)

Great shots! Welcome back!

Anonymous (visit their site)

welcome back :) & very pretty photos, i like how you incorporated a little macro with your photos

Quinn (visit their site)

Very lovely garden photos!

Laughing Orca Ranch (visit their site)

I have that plant in my garden, too. I planted them last year as bulbs, but they didn't come back up again this year. Not sure why.

Beautiful photos!


Ed (visit their site)

Very pretty and welcome back!!!
I think it is a type of elephant ear or Taro..:-)

thecrazysheeplady (visit their site)

I don't think we have plumaria...or maybe I just haven't noticed. Nice shots!

Sherri (visit their site)

Beautiful shots, Flo. Good to see you back. We have a row of plumeria trees along the outside of the screened enclosure to our lanai. They are very popular here in Florida, but my first one was a stick we brought back from Kauai in 1986. I would move it outside in the summer months and inside in the winter. When we moved here, I found them everywhere. No purple yet though...white, pink, red, yellow and variations on that theme. The fragrance is WONDERFUL.

Life at Star's Rest (visit their site)

More plants I don't see here in the high desert country! Thank you for sharing them. Carmon

VioletSky (visit their site)

Good to see you back, Flo!
And posting more beautiful flowers that make me want to travel to Hawaii.

flowerweaver (visit their site)

Don't plumeria smell heavenly? They won't grow here, but I know of them.

Pacey (visit their site)

Those are lovely and excellent shots. The last photo of the plant grows abundantly from where I am but I'm really not sure of its name too. :)

Far Side of Fifty (visit their site)

Hi Flo, Good to have you back..the Plumeria is beautiful :)

Ann (visit their site)

the yam looking like leaf, reminds me of my young days in Borneo.

Anonymous (visit their site)

Very lovely. Especially the Plumeria. :)

WildBlack (visit their site)

Pulmerian fragrance is all over your post. :D Lovely shots!

Sarah (visit their site)

I've never seen a plumeria bloom, but it is indeed beautiful! I can see why you like it so much! Its a beautiful picture of a beautiful flower!

Poetic Shutterbug (visit their site)

That plumeria is stunning. Such vivid details and coloring. Just beautiful.

Anonymous (visit their site)
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