Sunday Stills

It's that time again. I took some pictures this week just did not find the time to post them. But I'm ready for Sunday Stills. The subject this week is texture. Initially I thought, huh?? But then I remembered some pictures I took when I first got my DSLR.

DSC00095 This is a jackfruit. I have two trees in my backyard and they grow huge, up to 3 feet long.

DSC00097This is the surface of the jackfruit. It's got little spikes all over.

DSC00098This is the view from the side so you can see the little spikes.

So that's my contribution for this week. And before anyone asks, I don't eat these so really can't tell you what they taste like. They are ripe when they smell like turpentine so I'm just not attracted to them.

21 Responses to "Sunday Stills"

Anonymous (visit their site)

i've never seen or heard of this fruit before, is it tasety(?)
great work :)

Laughing Orca Ranch (visit their site)

Fascinating texture and fruit! Turpentine, eh? I think I'd pass, too. lol!


katieleigh (visit their site)

i really like these flo, my favourite is the last one for the depth of field. interesting subject :)

June (visit their site)

I'd never heard of them either! How interesting! Looks like a place where beavers would shop for new tails.

And katieleigh, thanks . . . so that's depth of field, huh?

Ed (visit their site)

Great shots, and the closeup is well done, When I was stationed in Hawaii we were told to stay away from them and not too pleasing to the palate..:-)

WildBlack (visit their site)

Yay! Great shot! I have them in my backyard too! The last one is a perfect spikey shot! :)
I just love jackfruit! They are real sweet. Some people may have digestion problems, But not for me! lol!

Anonymous (visit their site)

Very nice macro work. Great texture choice. :)

Vicki ~ FL (visit their site)

Great shots and nice macro. Who would want to taste something that smells like turpentine?!?

Holly (visit their site)

good job

Shirley (visit their site)

Really cool! Thanks for posting such an unusual subject!

gtyyup (visit their site)

Never heard or seen them before...very interesting subject and perfect for the challenge! Well done~~

SighMan (visit their site)

I continue to learn more and more in this week's sunday stills, never seen or heard of this fruit before! At first I thought it was a Durian fruit, which also has a erm distinct and pungeant aroma. Definately not like turpentine though! 3rd shot is great use of shallow depth of field!

CTG Ponies (visit their site)

What a strange looking fruit.

Kelly (visit their site)

You had me right up until the cool!

Pacey (visit their site)

Ha! I have them too in my yard and they're in bloom right now. They can get big, eh...but very tasty.

WhimsybyMari (visit their site)

So interesting to see different plants..great pictures thanks for sharing.

flowerweaver (visit their site)

Unique! Great shots! Reminds me of our Osage Orange (aka Horse Apple)which are round, green, and bumpy.

Does anything eat them? By the looks of their size, you must have an amazing pile of turpentine smelling fruit on the ground to deal with.

Regular Guy (visit their site)

Never heard of it before, but what else is new for me. Nice texture shots, looks painful to the touch.

Jen Mo (visit their site)

Jackfruit! Great idea!

Euroangel (visit their site)

this looks yummy....miss to eat this already..

Stacie (visit their site)

Yuck on smelling like turpentine. LOL Beautiful pictures! I never heard of Jack Fruit before.