Sunday Stills

I've been away for a few weeks, life just got too busy and got the better of me. But I'm back and ready to play. This week's theme is wildflowers. An interesting concept in Hawaii. Since most of our vacant land is lava and the wildflowers that grow are technically weeds. I decided to add my own twist to the theme.

Dog Park July 3rd This is the naupaka plant. It grows wild here in Hawaii, although this particular plant was planted. It has little flowers:

Dog Park July 3rdNotice the half flower. That is how it grows. There is a Hawaiian myth that talks of 2 lovers who were separated by their parents and forbidden to be together. One was sent to the ocean and one was sent to the mountains. They were in such despair they became naupaka plants. One at the ocean and one in the mountains. Each has a half flower and when you put them together they make a perfect flower.

That is my wildflower contribution. I'm off to see what everyone else did.

18 Responses to "Sunday Stills"

Ed (visit their site)

nice shots and a great story to go with them. Welcome back, missed your pics..:-)

Steffie (visit their site)

Lovely! and the story makes you look at them differently.

chloe (visit their site)

the second photograph is stunning

Pacey (visit their site)

What a lovely shot and story about the flower. It's a wild and unique indeed.

Anonymous (visit their site)

Too sweet. Lovely story.

gtyyup (visit their site)

Beautiful Flo...loved the story!!

Holly (visit their site)

great shot, one of the best things about SS is the stories that go along with the flowers.

Andrea (visit their site)

Wonderful shots! I've been absent the last few weeks as's nice to back, isn't it? :)

Sherri (visit their site)

I have really missed your posts, Flo! So glad you are back. Loved the photos and the story.

Shirley (visit their site)

Well done, as usual! Any chance you can get a pic of the other half of the flower?

thecrazysheeplady (visit their site)

Very interesting!

WhimsybyMari (visit their site)

great shots and Love that you have a legend to go with it.

Ann (visit their site)

Sweet story. Do you actually get your students to try out the story?

Is the plant ever green?

Welcome To Wilmoth Farms (visit their site)

Such a neat story! I love to hear ones like that! That second shot is truly beautiful!

Far Side of Fifty (visit their site)

Great story romantic! Nice to have something to go along with the photo..which is excellent! :)

flowerweaver (visit their site)

I love the legends of wildflowers! Thank you for sharing this.

CTG Ponies (visit their site)

Very nice and a great story too.

Anonymous (visit their site)
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