A day in the jungle

Today I took a friend up to the ruins of Kamehameha III's Summer Palace. I went there for the first time 2 weeks ago and have been dying to get back with my camera. I did that today. I have to tell you I love history and all historic stuff. I love to stand where the famous and infamous stood and imagine what it was like then. I love it, so bear with me.

Kamehameha III Summer PalaceThis is the trail leading to the palace. It is way up in the mountains and deep in the rain forest through the bamboo forest.

Kamehameha III Summer PalaceThis is the path you would have approached the house from back in the day. You would have walked down that stone walkway while the king waited in front of the house to greet you.

Kamehameha III Summer PalaceThis is looking through the front door into the house. It was not very large and this are would have been divided into 2 rooms with a wooden floor.

Kamehameha III Summer PalaceThis is looking towards the house from the back of the property. This whole house would have been surrounded by fields, in this case taro fields, and it had it's own water supply and everything.

Kamehameha III Summer PalaceThis is the rear corner of the house that is almost completely destroyed.

The young royals, King Kalakaua and Queen Liliuokalani, Queen Emma, Prince Kuhio, they all would have come up here as children and learned about the royal ways from the king. Standing inside this building is positively spiritual. You can feel the ghosts of Hawaiians past moving all around you. Absolutely amazing.

3 Responses to "A day in the jungle"

Ed (visit their site)

Very,very cool!!! I would love to explore this site. The Taro leaf with a lightning bolt (Tropic Lightning) was the Division logo for my unit in Hawaii, the 25th infantry division at Schofield Barracks..:-)

Far Side of Fifty (visit their site)

I found this very interesting Flo, you have a unique view of Hawaii..and I so enjoy it..maybe someday I will get there! :)

flowerweaver (visit their site)

Great photos and story here, too! I could feel the spirituality of the place from the photos even before you mentioned it. I have never seen photos of the historic side of Hawaii. Thank you for introducing me to your world.