Photo Hunt: Pink

I've moved the photo hunt over to this blog. I've decided all photo things will now go here. Today's theme is Pink - my favorite color!!!!

Waimanalo Walk 5-21-09

This is from a wall of bougainvillea near my house. I like this one because there is pink and orange mixed together. It's hard to tell if it's the same plant but it sure looks like it is.

I'm off now to tnchick's to see who else played today.

7 Responses to "Photo Hunt: Pink"

srp (visit their site)

I have seen lantana with both pink, orange and yellow flowers on the same head... beautiful! My pinks are up here.

Anonymous (visit their site)

Thats really, really nice, it would make a super desktop.

Sherry (visit their site)

I love that mixture and have never seen anything like that.

Sherry at EX Marks the Spot

Isolated Existence. (visit their site)

Great picture, the color is so vibrant! Enjoy your weekend ;-)

Ann (visit their site)

I remember my friends in Singapore with mixed coloured bouganvillea. I guess your plants flowers all year round.

Here in Winter, they also bloom even in winter.

ysfirdaus (visit their site)

good angle you've taken

Anonymous (visit their site)
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