A walk through Waimanalo

Yesterday I had nothing to do. Nothing. So I decided to take my morning walk with my camera. I walk and run this area a lot and just about every time I pass something and I wish I had my camera. So yesterday I went with my camera. It was great fun.

Let's start with my street:

Waimanalo walk 5-21-09 My house is next to the blue one on the right but you can't see it because it sits back from the street.

This is the grocery store at the end of my street:
Waimanalo walk 5-21-09

Doesn't that turtle look pissed?
Waimanalo walk 5-21-09

This is the feed store next to the grocery store:
Waimanalo Walk 5-21-09

After just a short walk I see this wall of bougainvillea:
Waimanalo walk 5-21-09

Look at those beautiful flowers;
Waimanalo walk 5-21-09

Across from the bougainvillea is this fascinating coral wall:
Waimanalo walk 5-21-09

This is not really at the entrance to town but it sure is cute. E Komo Mai is Welcome in Hawaiian:
Waimanalo walk 5-21-09

Then you pass over a stream. This is one side:
Waimanalo walk 5-21-09

This is the other side:
Waimanalo walk 5-21-09Which has lily pads and flowers:
Waimanalo walk 5-21-09

Then I reached the polo fields and it was time to turn around and go home.

Waimanalo walk 5-21-09

But there was one more stop across the street from the grocery store is a little strip mall. In that mall is this:
Waimanalo walk 5-21-09 A statue to Akebono, a sumo champion from Hawaii. He is from my little town of Waimanalo and they are very proud of him.

More of my walk pictures will be posted for Sunday Stills.


VioletSky (visit their site)

What a great walk. And so much colour you have. Love the murals - is the whole town painted?