Sunday Stills: Yellow

Today's theme is the color yellow. Initially I thought of all the regular things:

flowers, fire hydrants, signs, street lights, but those just didn't cut it. I wanted something different, something uniquely Hawaii. All it took was a walk around the town I live in. Heading out with yellow on the brain was all it took for the yellow all around to pop out at me. Here is what I found:

Waimanalo walk 5-21-09 The custom made street sign that the house down the road has.

Waimanalo walk 5-21-09 The yellow of the L&L Barbeque sign. If you haven't had L&L you haven't really been to Hawaii. So Ono!!!

Waimanalo walk 5-21-09 The yellow button to get the walk light.

Waimanalo walk 5-21-09 The yellow halo on St. George at the local Catholic church. I thought St. George slayed a dragon? It looks like he's got a giant gecko there.

Waimanalo walk 5-21-09 The yellow rabbit on the Roberts Hawaii tour bus.

Waimanalo walk 5-21-09 And finally, the emblem on the Waimanalo fire house. This is unit 27 of the Honolulu Fire Department. In a weird setup the entire island is the City of Honolulu, the little towns are really just districts.

Okay, that is it for me. I really enjoyed this one because it got me out and looking at my town with fresh eyes. I'm off to Sunday Stills to see who else played today. You can join in the fun by clicking on the button at the top of this post.

22 Responses to "Sunday Stills: Yellow"

zulluzoe (visit their site)

an interesting array of 'yellow' images. Well done.

Laughing Orca Ranch (visit their site)

Lots of cool yellow signs. Thanks for sharing your yellow views. :)


Ed (visit their site)

Very nice shots..:-)

CTG Ponies (visit their site)

Very cool signs!!

WhimsybyMari (visit their site)

Great shots, once again thanks for sharing a little Hawaii with me.

Anonymous (visit their site)

:) wonderful photos

Carroll Baker (visit their site)

Great photos! what the heck is a "planty Keed" lol

Sherri (visit their site)

Wonderful shots, Flo. Uniquely Hawaiian and interesting. Love your neighborhood.

Anonymous (visit their site)

WOW! you found lots of yellow subjects. Good job. :)

Jen Mo (visit their site)

Hard to choose! I love them all, but the yellow fire hydrant is my fav!

~ Sara ~ (visit their site)

Great job!

thecrazysheeplady (visit their site)

Great pics - and you are all set for next week's challenge :-)

flowerweaver (visit their site)

Nice variety. I've seen a lot of variations on dragons in religious imagery, I enjoyed your comments on this one!

J9 (visit their site)

I like the different yellows you found!

Regular Guy (visit their site)

Love your shots. I saw yellow everywhere, even a fire truck, but my battery died and I was on the road with no way to charge it. Very good job, like the mosaic idea too!

Pete (visit their site)

Good hunting. The kid sign is very unique.

VioletSky (visit their site)

Wondering what a 'planty keed' is? but its a great sign - sao much more detail than the usual school signs. But I think that rabbit is darn cute!

Kelly (visit their site)

Great idea for photos! You caught so many unique things!

Anonymous (visit their site)

Very unique shots. Love 'em!

Far Side of Fifty (visit their site)

Love the planty keeds!! How unique! You found lots of yellow! Great job, I always enjoy your Hawaiian perspective..way different that the touristy shots you always see..Thanks! :)

Andrea (visit their site)

Excellent shots! Some very unique captures! :)

Tammy (visit their site)

Good eye! And very creative!