My new favorite subject

I just had to post of some photos of my new favorite subject.


This is Ricci. He's a 9 week old Indian Ringneck. We got him last Thursday. He is still a baby, baby on hand feeding and everything. He is also adorable.


We have a ringneck already who is green. Ricci will be blue, hopefully a nice teal blue. His color will change slightly as he gets older.


He is just a little cutie!!! Today was the first day he let me get close with the camera. The pictures from the first couple of days are taken from a distance. Anyway, just had to share the newest addition. And there is nothing wrong with his feathers, he is wet on one side because he's is an incredibly sloppy eater.

6 Responses to "My new favorite subject"

Sherri (visit their site)

What a beauty! I look forward to seeing more and more of his pics.

FickleMinded (visit their site)

what a lovely bird!
btw, i want to personally invite you to join the new Photo Meme that i will be hosting in my blog every friday, it's called Food Trip Friday. I hope you can join the fun. :)

SpeakDog (visit their site)

what a pretty color! it makes me want to paint something! ;)

AVCr8teur (visit their site)

He is beautiful. I don't think I've ever seen one that color.

Violet (visit their site)

He is a cutie. Needs a bib, eh? Lovely colour.

Anonymous (visit their site)
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