Into the past

Today I did not feel like sitting around the house again. I've been here for the two weeks of spring break and enough already. So I packed up my camera and headed out to a place I haven't been to in 3 years. My old house. The journey up there is like journeying back through time. Very little has changed in the 16 years since we moved up there. It's nice to know somethings are constant. Anyway, I tried to see things with a new eye and find interesting stuff to photograph. Here are a couple:


This is the boat harbor you pass on the way. I've always wanted to take a picture of this place and today seemed like a good opportunity.

I saw this laying on someone's deck:
This is the masthead off of some ship, I can't imagine what one or that they are going to put it on this little boat :)

Then I had to take a picture of the Hygienic Store. If you've ever driven around Oahu you've seen this store:


The store is at least 50 years old and the story goes that it used to belong to the Hygienic Dairy. When the dairy closed the store remained and kept the name. Don't really know if that's true or not but that's the general consensus.

Then I made it to my old house.

This is the back of it. We spent so much time hanging out on this beach with the dogs, with friends. It brings back so many memories.

Then I noticed this on the wall of the house next door:
How cool is that???

Just down the beach a little ways is this old bunker:
This area of Oahu was taken over by the military after the attack on Pearl Harbor. All these houses on the beach were built by the military as officer's quarters. They also built a number of these bunkers as observation posts. Only a few are still left and I don't think this one is going to be around much longer.

This is looking into the bunker:
There's a lot of garbage that the ocean has washed into it but look towards the back, there are rooms back there. How far back does it go??

Finally, across the street there is the remains of the first sugar mill on Oahu.
It was made out of lava rock. It's falling apart and clearly nothing is being done to preserve it in any way. Too bad. Another piece of history gone.

So that was it, my journey into the past. I have some more pictures I may post later. Or not. Who knows???

3 Responses to "Into the past"

Ed (visit their site)

Cool pics, The bunker reminds me for exploring the old bunkers on Wake Island...

Violet (visit their site)

Thanks for sharing this trip - it is fun to see old places with a new eye.

Sherri (visit their site)

Very cool, Flo, very cool.