It was a darky and stormy night....

Or maybe it was a sunny and windy day, in any case I headed off to one of my favorite places today. The cemetery. I have an almost abnormal fascination with cemeteries, I particularly like old ones. The older the better. This one sits not far from downtown Honolulu, the state capitol, and the city government offices. It is one of the older cemeteries but not the oldest, I've saved that one for another day. The entire cemetery is not very big, I walked it twice in under an hour, and near as I can tell they stopped using it in the 1920's. The most recent date I saw on a headstone was 1928 but I did not read each one in great detail. Some I just looked at briefly.

But this cemetery has been around a while as evidenced by the growth of this tree:


Oh yeah, I feel that photos in a cemetery should be taken in black and white, don't ask me why.

Except for this. I wanted everyone to see this and see if anyone knew what was going on here. This person died 106 years ago yet someone stills puts notes or whatever in this little pouch around her headstone?? That struck me as really weird.


Then I found this one:


This little girl died in 1917 when she was 4 years old. Yet behind her headstone was this:


I know, I forgot to switch to color, but these are boxes of candy hearts. They are not that old, maybe a month. Like maybe someone put them there for Valentine's Day last month?? She's been dead for 92 years,who could possibly be putting these there? And it's not like they put them at all the kids graves, just hers. These are why I love cemeteries, there is so much mystery if you look closely.

Finally, this was by far my favorite headstone and I think it should be like this on all graves:


This poor 12 year old died in 1924. His picture has held up amazingly well. I have a couple of other headstones with pictures that still look good. Anyway, look at the bottom of his headstone. Killed by automobile. I think that should be on all headstones so we know how everyone died. Of course, that would remove a lot of the mystery from cemeteries.

That's all for now. I'll post more in a few days.

3 Responses to "It was a darky and stormy night...."

Megan Gray (visit their site)

I love these. Cemeteries are great places to take photos especially black and white. Though I will admit they give me the creeps sometimes. I did take some nighttime pics on a ghost tour in Charleston SC once though and that was so much fun. Lot's of orbs. :)

Lin (visit their site)

I love to read old headstones--they sometimes offer up some interesting bits of info about a person. When we were younger, my brother and I always looked for dead kids. Sick, eh?!

Anonymous (visit their site)

I think that most cemetery shots look more striking in black and white, too. Maybe it's a visual analogy of the stark contrast between life and death?