Sunday Stills

I dragged my feet on this one all week because I wasn't thrilled with the theme. Lines....bleah..... So I halfheartedly looked for lines but really didn't find anything I liked. I had some ideas for variations of the theme but I'll tell you the theme just left me unmotivated. So I sat down to look through my Flickr account because I knew there had to something in there I could use, and I found this:


I actually kind of like it. The lines of the light poles along the right side are actually quit interesting. I never really noticed them before and I didn't really notice them when I took this picture, I was taking the waterfall (which is also a line). Anyway, that's my contribution to the game. I'm off to Sunday Stills to see what everyone else did.

14 Responses to "Sunday Stills"

J9 (visit their site)

I like the repeating pattern of the lightposts too!

MariesImages (visit their site)

NIce lines! Waterfalls are soooo cool & the added lightposts are great~

The Wife (visit their site)

There were lines all over the place in that pic. You did well even though you drug those feet!

Kelly (visit their site)

Very cool... I also like the clouds at the the top of the photo.

gtyyup (visit their site)

Jungle meets concrete...what a contrast...with lines too!! Nice job.

AVCr8teur (visit their site)

There are definitely lines here. The landscape is lovely. I would have a hard time keeping my eyes on the road so I can see the waterfalls.

Ed (visit their site)

Waterfalls,light poles, road lines, the pics is loaded with them. Very nice.
You should love the next challenge.. :-)

Patches (visit their site)

Ditto on gtyyup, that's exactly what I was thinking! Great pic!

CTG Ponies (visit their site)


Far Side of Fifty (visit their site)

WELL, you did great, lot of lines! :)

Regular Guy (visit their site)

Nice shot, the straight lines of the water fall along with the light poles and line of the bridge.

Sherri (visit their site)

For someone who didn't care for the theme, you really dug up a great shot. Loved it.

Sherri (visit their site)

You've been "picture tagged", Flo. I never grow tired of looking at your wonderful shots, so I'm wondering what you'll come up with. See my blog for details on playing the game. You'll enjoy this one.

Pete (visit their site)

Very good. The mountain range looks very powerful.