Sunday Stills

This week's theme is the moon. I was excited and worried about this one because I've been trying to get a good picture of the moon for a couple of months now. On the nights that it's clear here even a sliver of a moon looks very cool. But I haven't been having a whole lot of luck. Ed gave me some suggestions last week and I've been out almost every night trying to get the perfect shot. Here are a couple:

This one I took earlier in the month. It was a half moon and it was surrounded by clouds. I kind of like it.

This one was taken on Tuesday night. The problem (at least in my eyes) I was having is that it was not that dark. The sky was much lighter but nothing I did, no setting that I changed could I get it to look like I thought it should. I know that the camera doesn't see as well as the human eye but this was not even close.

Then on my way to work on Thursday morning I managed to capture this:

This is what I was trying to capture. Apparently there is a small window to catch a good moon shot and I was just missing it every night. Or I was in the wrong place. Could be my neighborhood is not a good moon shot taking neighborhood. Whatever. I like how this came out so I'm going with it. Now I'm heading over to Sunday Stills to look at the other moons.

13 Responses to "Sunday Stills"

Far Side of Fifty (visit their site)

Hi Flo, The moon is sometimes a frustrating subject. When I first started photographing it, I shot about fifty pictures for one acceptable shot. AND I still struggle with it. :)

Paula (visit their site)

I really like the last one. Isn't it funny that how you see the moon with your eye is not at all how the camera see's it? Mine all come out blurry.

Paintsmh (visit their site)

I love your shots! So awesome!

Rising Rainbow (visit their site)

Sounds like you have much more patience going after a shot than I do. Must be my short attention span. LOL

I wonder if we'll ever get a "feel" for that difference in light between the camera and what we see. I suppose if we take enough photographs it'll sink in but for now, I'm with you. It is difficult.

allhorsestuff (visit their site)

I like your shots!

I had to put one up from last year...the weather was snowy and cloudy all week...though I got some of the waxing moon days earlier with my horse a few post down!

The Wife (visit their site)

I really like the last one with the mountain. Great job! This was a hard assignment.

Andrea (visit their site)

Love the one with the was tough this week! :)

Shirley (visit their site)

I really like the half moon shot, and the last one.

Ed (visit their site)

My fav is the last one with the mountains. Even I will shoot 25-50 pics just to get one or two good ones. Nice job...Ed

Anonymous (visit their site)

I like the first one. It's not an easy thing to shoot.

Jen Mo (visit their site)

You have some good shots! Yeah I missed the good windows of opportunity too!

Caffienated Cowgirl (visit their site)

The last photo...that is fabulous!

Stephen (visit their site)

The moon is so difficult to photograph - you've done a better job than I ever could!