Time for a new post

I haven't posted since Sunday but I've been taking pictures. The Sunday Stills assignment for this week is macro and that's my favorite photos to take. I've been playing around taking everything in macro. Since I won't be using most of them on Sunday I decided to post some now.

I love this picture of Mr. P. He was trying to sleep and I was all up in his face taking pictures. He was not happy with me.


This is Mr. Chubbers. It is so hard to get a good picture of him because he is white and tends to blend into the background. This is about the best picture I've gotten of him.


Rocco's eye. Another animal trying to sleep while I have the camera out. Silly dog.


This was our street on New Year's Eve. This is the only picture that really came out because the fireworks are over so quickly it was very hard to capture them.

Okay, that will do it for tonight. I have more photos to upload to Flickr and I want to do a little playing with a couple of them.

5 Responses to "Time for a new post"

AVCr8teur (visit their site)

I take photos of my dog when he gets sleepy otherwise, he keeps turning his head away from me.

Ed (visit their site)

Cool pics, I can't wait to see what ya post tomorrow. Next time you are trying to do fireworks, try a tripod with a 3-5 sec shutter speed, then the fireworks pop turn off the camera to cycle the shutter and start over. This works well for me and it also works great for lightning.

Misty Dawn (visit their site)

Hi there. I found you through Entrecard, and, since I'm obsessed with photography, I came to have a look at your blog.

Well, not only do you love photography and take great pictures, but you also love animals! Ahhh, this could be the start of a great friendship ;-)

I'm also interested in Sunday Stills, so I'm going to read more information on that. I could post for Camera-Critters on Saturday and Sunday Stills on Sunday.

Now, I'm going to subscribe to your blog feed. I look forward to more visits to your blog.

Andrea (visit their site)

Great photos....love Rocco's eye! So much soul in there! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog. Love all your animals...my girl suffers from hip dysplasia as well (she was diagnosed at year).

Stephen (visit their site)

Such a dramatic shot! I love it!