Sunday Stills

This week the theme is sunrise/sunset. Wouldn't you know it we have been overcast all week and there has not been a sunrise/sunset to be seen. Figures. But we used to live on the beach and I took lots of sunrise pictures then. This one was taken after a series of storms that lasted for 41 days. The island of Oahu was flooding all over the place, our place flooded - that was not fun. But the first morning I woke up and saw this I ran outside to take some pictures. I felt like someone who'd been stranded on a desert island seeing signs of rescue.

I'm standing right outside the back door of my house.

This is another one that is one of my favorites:

If you look you will see it is almost the exact same angle. The islands are off to the right there and the buoy is off to the left. In the bottom picture if you look in the distance on the left side you will see the outline of another island. That rise of darkness on the horizon is the island of Molokai. When it's clear you can see 4 other islands. This is a summer sunrise and I don't remember but I'll bet it was really hot that day.

Okay, I'm off to Sunday Stills to see what others posted.

8 Responses to "Sunday Stills"

Ed (visit their site)

Man, you really make me miss Hawaii, the sunsets at Hanama bay and the Banzai pipeline were my favs...see ya...Ed

The Wife (visit their site)

Wow, to live in such a beautiful place! I'm jealous!

Jenera (visit their site)

I love these shots, especially the sunrise! It's amazing how different the water looks in the shots.

Anonymous (visit their site)

Flo your making me JEALOUS!! Gorgeous!!!!!

vanillaseven (visit their site)

Your house scenery is gorgeous
Mamaflo, adopt me pls... :3

Heather (visit their site)

I really like the first one. The way the clouds make sunsets have such beautiful colors is amazing to me!

Paula (visit their site)

Oh Wow! That first one is absolutely incredible. I love the pinks in it.

Tina (visit their site)

the first one is wonderful. i have never seen anything like it.

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