Sunday Stills - Potluck

It's that time again folks. Today Ed left us to our own devices to come up with a picture. And in a very round about way he is responsible for this picture :) I put together a collage of animal butts yesterday (see post below) and that got me to thinking about my Africa pictures and I just had to post this one today. It's a little racy, definitely not PG, so proceed at your own risk.

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13 Responses to "Sunday Stills - Potluck"

Ed (visit their site)

Absouloutly FANTASTIC!!!!! I always wondered about that ;-)

gtyyup (visit their site)

LOL...I think you took Ed for his word...yep, it's his fault!! Great photo though~~

VioletSky (visit their site)

I think that one on the far right is getting ideas...

good catch!

Linda (visit their site)

I'm envious! Good job Flo.

AVCr8teur (visit their site)

Now, I've never seen giraffes do that at the zoo. Haha! I guess you have to be there at the right place & time.

J9 (visit their site)

Ed did say it could be anything - I guess he's lucky we've all kept it PG ;)

Far Side of Fifty (visit their site)

Nice capture! LOL :)

Regular Guy (visit their site)

Great shot, never seen that one before. I like the collage too.

Rising Rainbow (visit their site)

LOL! Definitely my kind of pic....breeding horses and blogging I get asked all kinds of questions about such stuff. I mean, the nature channel does why not? LOL

Paula (visit their site)

It's the perfect action shot! Too funny. I think we all wish we had that one in our archives~

Caffienated Cowgirl (visit their site) obsession! I love this photo :)

Andrea (visit their site)

Love this pic!! lol!!! A great photo!!

Gee (visit their site)

so super!!!