Sunday Stills - Closeup/Macro

These are my favorite photos to take but I've quickly come to realize I need a true macro lens. I attempted to buy one yesterday but the camera store didn't have one that would fit my camera :( So I'm still using the lens I have. Anyway, here are my entries for today:

Flowers 12-18-08
This is a protea. They are succulent type plants (think cactus type) with these beautiful vibrant flowers. They grow on the Big Island in the volcano fields (hence the succulent characteristic).

Flowers 12-18-08
This is what it looks like most of the time.

I've taken a whole bunch more macros this week you can look at the previous posts to see some of them.

Now I'm off to Sunday Stills to see everyone else entry.

6 Responses to "Sunday Stills - Closeup/Macro"

Paula (visit their site)

Really nice! I really like the protea. Makes me feel like spring...

Ed (visit their site)

Very nice!!! If looking for a true macro try online. I use a Sigma 105mm Macro and I LOVE IT!

Lisa365 (visit their site)

Those are pretty plants!

Far Side of Fifty (visit their site)

Very nice Flo! :)

vanilla7 (visit their site)

very pretty! nice one, flow :)

Sherry (visit their site)

Beautiful photos. You have quite an eye -- and you've done a great job capturing these.