I'm a terrible blogger/photographer

It's funny, when I was really busy and stressed I would make a point of heading out with my camera to take a mental break. But since it all ended I'm a bit of a vegetable, just recovering from the semester. So I haven't been out recently, but I have taken some pictures.

Dr. Pepperberg

This is Lala the umbrella cockatoo.

Dr. Pepperberg

And this is Ziggy and the other grey.

Our bird club put on an event this weekend and these were some of the pictures from that. I have a ton more but they are not especially great and would probably bore anyone but club members.

This weekend I WILL head out with the camera for some R&R.

3 Responses to "I'm a terrible blogger/photographer"

Joanne Olivieri aka jodapoet (visit their site)

I love birds. These shots are cool.

Rita T. (visit their site)

We had a cockatoo one time when our oldest son was very little. That bird used to screech every single day at 2:00 a.m. on the hour. Her name was Lucky. She wasn't an umbrella but I can't remember just what kind she was.

Thanks for the pics!

haleyhughes (visit their site)

I know what you mean about not getting as much done when the stress lets up. In times of stress I make a point to escape and find moments to do things for me, like taking photos.

I clicked though to Flickr on the top photo and found it was really interesting to look at the photo in its original size. The details of the feathers and the wear on the bird's beak really come through.