Finally, some new photos

This afternoon I found myself with nothing to do and a sunny day outside. It seemed like heading out with the camera was just the thing to do. I've been meaning to take a walk around my street because there are lots of pretty flowers all around. I took about 65 pictures but I'm only going to share a few now. This house up the street has lots of hibiscus out in front in all different colors. When I headed out the door that's what I had in mind. Unfortunately the rains of the past few weeks have wiped out the plants, but I took pictures of what was left.

Flowers 12-18-08

Hibiscus come in a wide variety of colors. This is the most traditional one, the red.

Flowers 12-18-08

The yellow is pretty common too. There are actually 2 types of yellow hibiscus. There's this one with the red center and there's one that's yellow all the way to the center.

Flowers 12-18-08

Then there are one of my favorites, the pink. I love the dark red center.

Flowers 12-18-08

Here is another type of pink one. If you compare the two you will see that the petals are thinner on this one then the previous one. Also, the pink isn't all the way through the petal. There are white edges that the other one doesn't have.

Flowers 12-18-08

Then I found this one. It's red with pink edges and a yellow center thingee. I've never seen one like this. It is no doubt a cross I just wonder if it was an accident or on purpose.

Flowers 12-18-08

Finally we have the orange one. This comes in a couple of varieties too. There are various shades of orange, red center, orange center, yellow thingee or red thingee. On this flower, if you look real close (or click to enlarge) you'll see it has a friend in the center. There's a bee in there. I tried to get him in the picture but he ran inside as I got close.

Well, that's all the flowers for right now. I have to go take the dogs to the vet.

4 Responses to "Finally, some new photos"

Lisa (visit their site)

Those are beautiful flowers - I think they are hibiscus :-)

Jo (visit their site)

Those are awesome! I am coming to visit you! I need a warm sunny day to take some pics instead of the snow and ice that we are getting.

Nancy (visit their site)

Hi...I really like your blog! I'm trying hard to be a better photographer too. What a challenge!

Love the flowers...they always intrigue me. You did a nice job shooting them.

Oh and btw, my most favorite place on the planet? Hawaii.


Rita T. (visit their site)

Those are beautiful pictures. You must be living in a much warmer state than I am - we're knee deep in snow, nearly 100 inches so far this winter! Your flowers make me think of spring.