Where I live....

I wasn't able to get out and take any pictures this weekend, too much going on. But I still have tons from last weekend.

These two are taken where I live. This is Waimanalo. This first one is called Rabbit Island. If you ask why it's called Rabbit Island you will get all kinds of answers. There used to be wild rabbits on the island. Someone had a rabbit ranch on the island. It's named after someone called Rabbit. I don't think any of those are true. I think it was called Rabbit Island because it looks like a lop eared rabbit laying down, but that's just my opinion. Feel free to suggest another reason.


This is just past Rabbit Island, it's called Makai Pier. The first building you see, in the middle of the pier, is the home of the University of Hawaii submersibles. They are called Hawaii Undersea Research Lab (I think) or HURL - LOL!! The building behind it, at the end of the pier, is actually a business office We do business with the company in that office. In the distance you can see some mountains. The one behind HURL is the Marine Corps. Base Hawaii in Kaneohe.


Okay, that's it for today. We are heading out to dinner and I've got to throw some pants on. The weather has gotten too cold to wear shorts at night :)

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