Rainy weekend

We had our first big storm of the season this weekend. Rainy days are not the greatest for getting out and taking pictures, but they do provide some interesting things to see.

Where I live on the windward side has very steep mountains. When it rains this makes for some fantastic scenery.

Rainy Day 11-22-08

Those white lines on the moutains are waterfalls. This whole range gets striped with them when it rains hard.

Rainy Day 11-22-08

The clouds were so low all the pictures look hazy. In this picture you can actually see the clouds hanging down. If you look closely you can see there are 2 waterfalls at the top and they merge into one big fall.

Rainy Day 11-22-08

This picture shows how every crevice has a waterfall when it rains hard enough.

There are more rainy day pictures as well as some other things I took photos of, but I think that will do it for tonight. Over the 4 day weekend I'm going to try to get some additional pictures posted.

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