Some mountain photos

We've been in the 'season change' here in Hawaii. It's not as drastic as you folks on the mainland but it happens. One of the things that occurs is that the ground heats up during the day but gets cold at night. This causes clouds to form generally overnight around the mountains. The other morning this was my view on my way to work:


How cool is that???


Love the clouds on the mountains.

Then there was this odd little flower I found next to an auto repair place:


There's even a shiny blue lady bug on the side there. I did not see that until I downloaded the picture. I love surprises.

3 Responses to "Some mountain photos"

Far Side of Fifty (visit their site)

Hi Flo, Awesome photographs! It is so pretty there! :)

Sherri (visit their site)

Beautiful, Flo. I've been posting a series of blogs about our trip to Maui a year ago...with pics I didn;t post the first time around. Today's post was Haleakala. It was May and the clouds were magnificent.

Ed (visit their site)

Very nice, LOVE the blue ladybug!!!