Sunday Stills

I do believe the theme this week is animals of husbandry. Since I'm not exactly sure what Ed meant by that I decided to wing it big time. I actually went out to a working ranch here on Thursday hoping to get some pictures, but all of their animals of husbandry were in the back pastures and not accessible by the public. So I headed to my very large archives looking for some specific pictures.

We used to live on the working ranch referenced in the previous paragraph and would walk the dogs there every night. So we would frequently run into animals of husbandry. Sometimes it was fun other times, not so much. This was one of our friends, Picasso. This horse would see us enter the ranch and come running from wherever he was. I am really not a horse person but I loved this guy and would have bought him in a heartbeat. He was only about 2 years old and not broken.

One thing that Picasso really loved was the dogs. Here he is trying to say Hi to Nala. That other horse was not as nice as Picasso so we were trying to keep him away. One of the things I absolutely loved about Picasso was his half white mane. I love that!!!

So did I do okay Ed?? I got 2 horses, 1 dog, and a husband. Does that count :)

20 Responses to "Sunday Stills"

Sherri (visit their site)

Great shots, Flo!

Shirley (visit their site)

I like the high angle in that last shot! Husbands count too!- I took one with my husband in it too.

MariesImages (visit their site)

Nice vivid shots!

Anonymous (visit their site)

Well, the subject was "husbandry" wasn't it? Great last shot Flo.

Violet (visit their site)

I'm glad I wasn't the only one not sure...

These look great - nice angles on the second one!

Anonymous (visit their site)

I think you did great!!

Paintsmh (visit their site)

OH what a beauty. Then again I have a HUGE thing for paints!

Holly (visit their site)

isn't he a cutie!

CTG Ponies (visit their site)

Great shots! Picasso sure did like the dog.

Laughing Orca Ranch (visit their site)

You got HUSBANDry right for sure! lol!
Picasso is gorgeous! I love the paints, of course.

We're you stading up on the fence there? Cool shot!


Andrea (visit their site)

Excellent shots!!

WhimsybyMari (visit their site)

What a beautiful horse he is, great pictures.

J9 (visit their site)

I'd say husbands count, absolutely! I like the first shot - that is a beautiful horse!

Kelly (visit their site)

Looks like some friendly horses! Great photos!

Far Side of Fifty (visit their site)

Great photographs..the part white mane is very interesting:)

Rising Rainbow (visit their site)

And you got them all in one shot. That's pretty cool!

Jen Mo (visit their site)

Great shots! Like the first one best!

Country Girl (visit their site)

Nicely done, love your last statement.

Regular Guy (visit their site)

Very good shots. The colors are great. I like the dog and horse picture.

Pete (visit their site)

Probably the husband is the hardest one to control.
Good shooting.