D'oh!!!!! (smacks forehead with palm)

I was cleaning up some computer stuff I had in a box. I have this fear about throwing computer stuff away and then needing it, so I keep a box of computer stuff in my closet. I was looking for something which I can't even remember now, when I came across a copy of PhotoImpact Pro. I had totally forgotten I had gotten this from someone 2 years ago and never used it. I quickly loaded it on my computer and guess what?? It does everything I was looking for it to do. Sometimes I can be such an idiot!!!

Does deleting images off your memory card freak you out like it does me?? I upload all my photos to my computer. Then the majority of them get upload to Flickr. So I have them in 2 places. Oh yeah, lots of them get uploaded into Picasa too for the little slideshows on my sidebar. So I have the vast majority of them in 3 places. Still, deleting off my memory card totally freaks me out and I think I'm losing something. What is wrong with me??

I ventured out earlier to take some pictures for tomorrow's Sunday Stills. I know that the rest of the country has snow and freezing temperatures and all that good stuff, but it's freaking cold here. I'm wearing sweats and a long sleeve shirt. And shoes. I never were shoes on the weekend but my feet are cold.

Well, this certainly turned into a rambling post. Here is a little preview for tomorrow:

4 Responses to "D'oh!!!!! (smacks forehead with palm)"

andrew&carmelsuarezministry (visit their site)

Hello Flo, nice blog.
Can we exchange links? or I would rather say... I have added you to my link list. would you do the same with mine please. Thanks.God bless!

Ed (visit their site)

Hey Flo, try this make a folder and call it my pics and down load there from the memory card. Then just copy the pics to your various sites and then you can keep all the pics in one place. This is what I do and works well. Also get a portable external hard drive and back up your pics there also. my Comp crashed a couple of years ago and I lost a bunch of pics. Later...Ed

Paula (visit their site)

Oh Yeah! Deleting from my memory card totally freaks me out too. I have them on the computer, some on flicker and I've even printed quite a few and it still freaks me out! Silly I know, but glad to hear I'm not the only one!

Misty Dawn (visit their site)

I'm the same exact way! I freak out that I might lose all my photos... what if my hard drive crashes? and what if my portable hard drive crashes at the same time? and what if... ah yes, my husband says that if Misty didn't have something to worry about, she couldn't live ;-)