Playing with macro

Auto macro
Macro with a 400 ISO
400 ISO macro
1200 ISO macro - this one looks so much better then the first one.
1200 ISO macro - again, I like this one better.
800 ISO Macro In the last few days I have learned more about my camera and how to use it then I have in the 3-4 years I've owned it. Fun stuff. Above are some macro photos I took using different settings. I've labeled the photos with the settings and in general I like the 1200 ISO better. These were taken late afternoon when the sun had already sunk behind the mountains. That makes sense because the higher the ISO the more light comes in, the more sensitive the sensor. Okay, I'm really starting to get this stuff. It's slow, but it's coming.

Something I noticed after posting these, in the first picture the only part in focus is the front part, the back part is blurry. But in the second one, the 400 ISO, the whole thing is clear.  Interesting.....

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