Photo a day

I'm determined to post photos more frequently and since I usually take hundreds of photos and only post a couple, this should not be a problem. This one if from a series I took the other day of the dogs playing;

I love how they go at each other with open mouths. They each try to be bigger then the other and it never works. They are too cute.

5 Responses to "Photo a day"

Poetic Shutterbug (visit their site)

Ha Ha! Just like two guys trying to be better than the other. I love this.

Teena in Toronto (visit their site)

They are indeed cute :)

Happy blogoversary :)

Sherri (visit their site)

Great picture, Flo.

Ann (visit their site)

we have a Chinese children's tale," You don't give way. I don't give way, nobody wins."

Your dogs remind me of this.

Nerisa Eric (visit their site)

good one