Sunday Stills

Today's subject is flowers. Now this is one I can totally get into. Flowers are, by far, one of my favorite things to photograph. Actually, nature, flowers, trees, leaves, are my favorite things it's just that flowers have so much color and they look so pretty. So here are just of couple of the thousands of flower photos I have taken recently:


This is my favorite flower, the plumeria (frangipani for you folks on the mainland).

Flowers 12-18-08

This one is called a parakeet because it's like a bird of paradise only considerably smaller.

Flowers 12-18-08Flowers 12-18-08Flowers 12-18-08Flowers 12-18-08

Here are just a few of the many colors of hibiscus we have. People have crossed and hybridized the hibiscus so much that they now come in almost every color of the rainbow.

double hibiscus

They even come in double. If you look closely you will see this one actually has two sets of petals. This is a special hybrid.

Finally, here's a picture of my neighbor's Lantana. I know this is considered a weed in many parts of the country but I just love it. I think these are the cutest. They look like little bouquets.

That's my offering for today. Now I'm off to see what everyone else did.

33 Responses to "Sunday Stills"

Steffie (visit their site)

Those are wonderful pictures. Great colours. You must live in a different part of the world from me, because here we pay a lot of money for a Lantana and we have to buy new ones overy year because they never survive winter.

J9 (visit their site)

The Lantana are beautiful! And remember a weed is just a plant growing where you don't want it to!

thecrazysheeplady (visit their site)

I too love lantanas!

WhimsybyMari (visit their site)

Beautiful pictures, I too like lantana's great for a hot summer and hibiscus are also a fav of mine.

Sherri (visit their site)

I loved every single pic, Flo. Just beautiful. And the plumeria still is "plumeria" in Florida. :)

The Lantan is wonderful.

Anonymous (visit their site)

They are all beautiful. Again, the plumeria makes me want to travel to the islands and that Lantana is, well, I'm ready to go to the garden center to buy some for the summer. I love it. Great pics!

~ Sara ~ (visit their site)

And to think I pay good money for someones weeds! :) Great job!

Anonymous (visit their site)

I knew you'd have some great shots in this one! Beautiful.

Ed (visit their site)

WOW! Love the Parakeet and Lantana, great colors..:-)

Welcome To Wilmoth Farms (visit their site)

Great color, great composition beautiful photos!

Tony McQueen (visit their site)

Very nice Great job!

Andrea (visit their site)

Love the water droplets on that white's my favorite! All the shots are wonderful though! :)

lisa (visit their site)

I loved them all but the Lantana is my favorite. Just awesome.

Kelly (visit their site)

I love the lantana...beautiful photos!

VioletSky (visit their site)

I was looking forward to your posting - and definitely not disappointed! Love the 'parakeet' (bird of paradise is a favourite "drama flower").

The lantana is simply gorgeous, too.

gtyyup (visit their site)

Wonderful much color!!! Yes, I love the lantana...never seen it before.

Anonymous (visit their site)

Love the Lantana. I bought some to plant as soon as the frost is done.

Nuzzling Muzzles (visit their site)

Those flowers in the first picture look good enough to eat. I guess they remind me of a wedding cake.

allhorsestuff (visit their site)

All nice pics..then the lantana..Wowsa!I could almost smell it too!
Thanks for that!
PS...I was sitting on the ground and the Dandelion Puff is in a raised bed..."~"

Carroll Baker (visit their site)

Fantastic photos! I love the colors and the hibiscus!

Laughing Orca Ranch (visit their site)

Oooh! The lantana so gorgeous! Such fun colors mixed together.

I like the hibiscus, too. You have some gorgeous flowers there to photograph. You did great!

New Mexico

Patches (visit their site)

Beautiful! Weeds or not, those little flowers are darn cute!!!

WildBlack (visit their site)

Amazing shots Flo! Good Work!

Anonymous (visit their site)

thankyou for posting such vibrantly beautiful flowers, they took me back to my happy holiday @ fiji last year <3

June (visit their site)

Lush and lovely! All of it!
The lantana's a pretty little bundle of color, but I think my favorite's the first, the plumeria. I love white flowers with all their secret shadings.

Ann (visit their site)

I like the droplets of water on your frangipani flower. yes, in Borneo and Singapore and Malaysia, it is called the frangipani . Another not so flattering name, the Muslims grew them in their cemetary, hence, it is commonly called the graveyard flower. Over there, they come in pink and yellow as well.

Asfor the Lantana, there are many types here. In South East Asia, they don't have a nice name. Don't they have a unpleasant smell?

CTG Ponies (visit their site)

Beautiful! I love lantana but it doesn't do well here.

Quinn (visit their site)

I like the tropical look of your submission, instead of springtime blooms. The color in the last one makes it my fave!

Anonymous (visit their site)

Flo, your pics are so beautiful. Loved all the hibiscu and the bird of paradise as well.

Regular Guy (visit their site)

I love that lantana. Ours haven't even begun to show signs of life. That is an interesting combo, ours are straight orange and yellow, no mix. It grows out by the street near the power/cable box where they get lots of sun. Your photos are fantastic by the way.

Far Side of Fifty (visit their site)

Simply wonderful photos! I just love the it so cheerful! The parakete is very interesting also! Well done:)

Pete (visit their site)

Great pictures. I love the droplets on the first one. What if you increased the white balance a bit to brighten it up?

Jen Mo (visit their site)

Wow you have some lovely photos!!!! Great job!