Sunday Stills: Go High, Go Low

I can not believe I have not really posted since last Sunday. I've been a little busy this week, no time to play with the camera. By the way, I think I forgot to mention that I totally stole that button from Linda. Excellent job Linda :)

So this week the assignment was to go high or go low. Since I didn't have a chance to play around this week I went through the archives. I found these pictures of Mr. P. The birds have this little aviary they play in and he was on a branch above me. I was trying to get a picture of him for some reason and he just kept looking at me trying to figure out what I was doing.

When he got bored he moved to a higher branch to take a nap and I was lucky enough to check him mid shake. He ruffles his feathers and shakes, kind of like a dog, as he settles in for a little snooze.
Well, that's all I got this week. Hopefully next week I'll have a chance to actually take new pictures. Now I'm off to see who else joined in the frivolity over at Sunday Stills.

15 Responses to "Sunday Stills: Go High, Go Low"

threecollie (visit their site)

What a pretty bird...and nice photos. This is a lot of fun.

The Wife (visit their site)

What a cutie patootie! Great job.

Throwback at Trapper Creek (visit their site)

Great shot! He looks as cool as a cucumber!

Anonymous (visit their site)

He looks like a bit of a comedian!

Caffienated Cowgirl (visit their site)

Love the second photo...

Rising Rainbow (visit their site)

He looks happy to have his pic taken.

Andrea (visit their site)

Love that second photo....great submission for this week's challenge! :)

Tracey (visit their site)

Brave you, for aiming your lens up towards the low end of the bird :)

Kelly (visit their site)

Ha! It looks like he's giving you "the eye" in the first feather...maybe you really did "ruffle his feathers" :)

Jen Mo (visit their site)

Great perspective of the bird!!!

Sherri (visit their site)

What a good looking bird. Love the second shot...great perspective.

Jen Mo (visit their site)

Hey Flo! Yes CheyChey is part pit at least! We rescued her off the streets a couple of years ago. Shes a great dog. I just love her! Went and saw your dogs and birds! What great animals you have!

Far Side of Fifty (visit their site)

Mr P. is one cool looking bird! :)

gtyyup (visit their site)

I think he's a ham for the camera! Nicely done~~

J9 (visit their site)

I like the mid shake photo - very cute!