I've finally had some time to play

I've been pretty busy for the last week or so and have had no time at all to take the camera out and play with it. I've been noticing some things I want to take pictures of though and I finally got a chance to go do that this morning.

First, is my neighbors bush. This is a Lantana bush and I know in some places it's considered a pest weed. Here in Hawaii we cultivate it and keep it neat.

lantana bush

I love this bush because of the flowers. These are the greatest flowers:



Then there is these little purple flowers that grow in the Lantana. I'm guessing they are a weed but I could be wrong:
purple flower

Finally, my neighbor has this beautiful double hibisicus. Unfortunately I was unable to get a good picture because the plant is much taller than I am :)

double hibiscus

If you click the picture you will get the bigger version and you can see there are the darker, outer petals, and the lighter, inner petals. That is a double hibiscus.

Okay, that's enough for now. I have more but I want to play with them a little and I'll put them in another post.

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